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Embark on quests which include, augmented reality, geocaching, trivia, and more. Send and receive missions with your friends and experience a new realm of gaming!

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Past Projects

Over the years we’ve developed many apps that came prepackaged on the smartphones, due to the nature of the business we can not disclose those apps. That’s OK, we can show you some of the other cool milestones and neat things we’ve invented over the years!

Legend Tracker

In 2010 created a real world game that incorporated geo-caching and augmented reality to find and see things you wouldn’t normally see in real life, like legends such a Sasquatch and the Loch Ness Monster. From the building of mapping engines, augmented reality engines, many versions were created to test out various cross-platform development frameworks. Legend Tracker Quests are be added to the QuestUpon platform.

Dirty Banana

Due to the extreme uniqueness of this app we are keeping it’s features private as we may publicly launch it.


During 2008 we felt the need to create an app utilizing smartphones touch screen in a unique way by the method of pulling or stretching content. GooFinger had the tag line “Stretch Your Imagination” a game that merged an environmental message with using one’s imagination to create pair associations.


This was one of many games created for the pure purpose of helping a company test their phones and operating systems prior to the launch of their first smartphones. This was also one of the nine “IX” games e.g. Morphix, Addix, Ballix, etc. “IX” is the roman numeral for “9” hence nine games.


In and around 2004 touch enabled smartphones were being released. The founder set out to develop a game that was Tetris like, that worked on both keypad flip phones and touch devices. This clever and addicting game allowed one to play on a flip phone by using the phones number pad yet also being playable on the web and touch enabled smartphones.


A hole new ball game! Prepare yourself for the rolling, bumping, jumping, switching, morphing world of Ballix. Red ball, blue ball, yellow ball and green ball will be sounding in your head as you try to guide the colored balls into their corresponding holes.

Ballix was one of our web games developed in 2005, it was then redeveloped for nine flip phones in 2006, and eventually became available on smart phones.

Mainframe &
Digital Infection

Description to come.

AirCAD &

Seeing the writing on the wall the founder believed Pocket PCs would eventually incorporate telephony. He created AirCAD and AirDraft in 2003 allowing users to create, markup, and exchange blue prints and maps via Pocket PCs in preparation of telephony. Unfortunately he couldn’t convince people that we’d all be using phones with touch screens.

Arctic Action &

In 2003, Flash was primarily used for banner ads. After the founder was told you couldn’t develop games in Flash he set out to create his first flash game. The founder decided to redo a game he created on the Commodore 64 back in 1984 titled Arctic Action. The game had you as a penguin running around closing traps, avoiding trappers, and beluga whales. A couple years later he released Dark Melt, incorporating an environmental message about global warming. The game received billions of plays worldwide.